Reflections from the rectory

Victory over Dragons 

Our Easter Message rings out 'Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David.' (2 Timothy 2:8).


This month St George’s Church, Whatley will be remembering their patron saint. Although, the story of St George defeating the dragon is the stuff of legend, we face our own dragons today. We are engaged in a spiritual battle against the powers of sin, Satan and death. At Easter, we remember that the great battle has been won. By His cross and resurrection, Jesus secured the victory over sin, Satan and death. The resurrection is the proof that they are no longer too powerful to resist. 'Death has been swallowed up in victory. Where, O death, is your victory?' (1 Cor 15:54,55). 

Where is your power, dragon? The story is told of a village in India, terrorised by a great bear looking for food each night. Eventually, the villagers decided to take action, and tracked down the bear to his cave. One man, stronger and braver than the rest, ventured into the dark cave. The villagers outside could hear nothing; eventually they heard a loud shrieking cry and then silence. They waited to see what had happened. Finally, the man emerged from the dark cave victorious! The bear was dead, and the villagers were safe.

The victory was won deep within the cave. They could only be confident and celebrate when the champion emerged. For us, this happened when Jesus rose from the grave. The finality of death is no more and so we need fear death no longer. Also, the power of sin and Satan no longer controls us. The devil, the biggest dragon, is helpless to prevent Jesus taking us home. When Jesus beckons us through death, away from the dragon's power, will you follow him?

The victory is complete: 'Remember Jesus Christ raised from the dead.' Happy Easter Tide

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