• Welcome to the Mells Group of Churches 

    We welcome you to our group of church communites. The Mells Group serves the communities of six villages (five parishes) – Buckland Dinham, Chantry, Great Elm, Mells with Vobster, and Whatley. Please click on the parish names at the top of the page to find information about your village.

                                                                                                                                    The Deanery Prayer

    Almighty God

    We love our traditions,

    but we live in a time of change.

    Give us the vision to choose our

    Priorities wisely:

    To protect the things that matter,

    And let go of the things that no longer

    serve us well.

    Give us the faith to believe that You

    Have a plan for Your churches

    And that is good.

    We prayer now for eyes to see and

    Ears to hear

    As we move forward into a new and

    Uncertain future.

    In the name of Jesus.




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