Individual prayer is the core of all daily life for Christians. We offer you these suggestions for making the most of your individual prayer time, or to help you understand why Christians pray and how to start. 

Just Pray

Just Pray is a wonderful website, full of the experiences of ordinary people in prayer. For example, watch this short video from Sam on how prayer helped him after the death of his father. 

Explore Just Pray for more insight, ideas and experiences.

How to pray


Just speak to God in your own words, sharing your worries and your needs. As Sam says in the video, sometimes it's hard to find the words, and the Lord's Prayer gives us a start, a way in to connect with God.

Or you can find more written prayers that reflect our most common needs, on the Church of England Topical Prayers page.

Prayer calendar

Our diocese publishes an online Prayer Calendar. You can download and join in prayers for people and projects across our region.

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