This page lists resources such as books and apps which can help your prayer life.

Book /Resource

ISBN or details


Common Worship Daily Prayer

ISBN 0715121995

Based on the monastic approach to prayer and an amazing resource for all eventualities.

Celebrating Daily Prayer

ISBN 0819281344

A smaller travelling version of the above

Time to pray

Downloadable app

A digital version of common worship together with other prayer resources from the Church of England

Daily Lectio

Downloadable app

This gives you the daily scripture texts used by the worldwide Anglican Church. It is a great resource as it gives a well thought through approach to reading scripture through the seasons.


Reading and meditation resources

Lectio Divina – the Sacred Art: transforming words and images into heart-centered prayer – Christine Valters Painter


A really good book on how read scripture in a structured and enlightening way.

Seeking God – Esther De Waal


A really good introduction to the rule of St Benedict. Esther is a world wide lecturer in the Rule of St Benedict. I have met her and she has really helped me.

Collected works of St John of the Cross


A very comprehensive resource on St John of the Cross.

Transformed by the Beloved – a guide to spiritual formation with St John of the Cross – Revd. Daniel Munoz. Published in the last twelve months.


A really good book and very spiritual . The author is a very good friend. He owns and runs a retreat centre in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain. I have been going for the last four years for my annual silent retreat.

Personality and stress – Ruth Fowke


Might help you understand the best way for you to pray.

Learn to Meditate – David Fontana.


This book transformed my prayer life into one of daily joy, pleasure, peace and tranquillity.

Use of icons, candles and incense sticks can all help you get in the mood. Prayer shawls and mats also help.


Get a little prayer kit ready in a box to help you.The rituals really help.

Musical resources

There is a huge amount of classical and modern Christian music. Music is a very personal thing and you will need to discern for yourself what you like. Do not be afraid to try something new – use Spotify (an internet based musical resource) if you have a limited budget and want hear some stuff – enjoy!

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