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Raising Hope in Our villages. 

Launching on 13 May, our new local campaign for all Frome and surrounding village communities will have four strands. It will promote the existing HOPE van activities on the streets of Frome throughout the night every two weeks, host the HOPE events calendar , offer a link to Christianity UK for folk to explore the faith and finally a human story project to promote on social media.


The social media project - A human story,

The story will be based on a conversation between a grandparent and their grandchild.  It aims to help each other to understand and communicate with each other more effectively. It is envisaged that this project will be a three minute video based on a grandparent and grandchild’s sharing their personal story and their experiences about their life. It will then be promoted through social media channels. 


The focus will be on faith, community friendship and family. In other words, what it is to be fully human. It is believed that this more informal approach will engage with the younger generation as the concept of ‘a day in the life of ‘ is very much part of their culture who use social media in that way. It is broadly recognised that the Millennial generation is very spiritually aware and has spiritual needs but does not connect it that awareness to religion. Secondly, we hope that this example of a very human story will encourage all of us and particularly those in the baby boomers generation to share our stories and our faith too with our younger friends and family.


The Hope Calendar. 

It is now live churches are choose events they have already planned as ‘HOPE ‘events. For more information visit our new website (http://www.hopefromeandvillages.uk). 


             Stunning new international touring exhibition comes to Somerset. 

It is  called Jesus laughing and Loving. It will be launched in  St Andrews Mells on 13 May at 2pm come and join us . It will remiain until 10 June and from15-27 June it will go to  Norton St Philip.


It is designed to be a travelling exhibition available to any community. Please do not hesitate to visit our website under news and or events www.mellsgroup.church if you have any questions cliveatmellsgroup@gmail.com



Our Vicar
Introducing Father Clive Fairclough